secuinsideCTF 2013 Web Secure Revenge Writeup

This not a hard one.

Bin Part is a php plugin which helps the upload site to filter files.

Opening it with IDA, filtering function dontwebhack input filter() is founded. The code below catches our sight:

if ( check_extension_name(v12, dest, v15) == 1 )
    *(_DWORD *)v15 = 1;
if ( *(_DWORD *)v15 )
    ap_log_cerror("mod_dontwebhack300.c", 141, 3, 0, v12, *((_DWORD *)v15 + 3), v9);
if ( check_bad_php_string(src) == 1 )
    ap_log_cerror("mod_dontwebhack300.c", 144, 3, 0, v12, "Try again.", v9);
    result = -1;

As mentioned above, strings that the file contains and the file’s extension name are checked.

After a bit more exploration, it is safe to draw the conlusion that only these extension names “.php” “.phtml” “.ht” can be executed.

.rodata:00000F75 aPhp            db 'php',0              ; DATA XREF: check_extension_name+31o
.rodata:00000F79 aPhtml          db 'phtml',0            ; DATA XREF: check_extension_name:loc_ACFo
.rodata:00000F7F a_ht            db '.ht',0              ; DATA XREF: check_extension_name:loc_AF8o

and these strings are forbiddened in the upload file:

.data:00003060 off_3060        dd offset a?            ; DATA XREF: check_bad_php_string+17o
.data:00003060                                         ; "<?"
.data:00003064                 dd offset aKey          ; "key"
.data:00003068                 dd offset aFlag         ; "flag"
.data:0000306C                 dd offset aLocate       ; "locate"
.data:00003070                 dd offset aInclude      ; "include"
.data:00003074                 dd offset aRequire      ; "require"
.data:00003078                 dd offset aFopen        ; "fopen"
.data:0000307C                 dd offset aPassthru     ; "passthru"
.data:00003080                 dd offset aFpassthru    ; "fpassthru"
.data:00003084                 dd offset aSystem       ; "system"
.data:00003088                 dd offset asc_F37       ; "`"
.data:0000308C                 dd offset aExecl        ; "execl"
.data:00003090                 dd offset aOpen         ; "open"
.data:00003094                 dd offset aPopen        ; "popen"
.data:00003098                 dd offset aEscapeshellcmd ; "escapeshellcmd"

Web Part

Easy to find this php script in upload.txt:


    $uploaddir = '/var/www/uploads/' . md5(crypt($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $_POST['code'] )) . '/';

    if(is_dir($uploaddir) == false)
    if(strstr($_FILES['data']['name'], "./") != FALSE) {

    if(strstr($_FILES['data']['name'], "../") != FALSE) {
    $uploadfile = $uploaddir . basename($_FILES['data']['name']);
    if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES['data']['tmp_name'], $uploadfile)) {
            echo "alert('Success'); document.href='./';\n";
    } else {
            print "alert('failed'); document.href='./';";

else { ...

We find that the file folder name is produced by md5(crypt($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $_POST['code'] )).

It’s time to upload some php scripts.Considering the fact that special functions are banned as mentioned in the bin part, if we want to execute some commands, we can use assert().

Such php file like this is to uploaded:

Test it.To calculate the folder name and give the get data:'ls%20../../../')

Files and folders are listed.The next step is to find out the way to read the key file.fopen() and die() is to be used. cat command also takes effect.

To see that all the functions which are used to read files in php script are banned by .so.

So the get variable is used due to no filtering on url.